Thursday, September 2, 2010

Wood vs PVC?

We occasionally have customers ask us for wooden signs. As shown on our website, here is why we prefer PVC over wood:

Why we use NO WOOD in our signs...

Signs made from wood are subject to splitting, cracking, rotting, and warping. Wood naturally expands and contracts with temperature and humidity variations. This "movement" of the wood fibers can lead to the wooden sign swelling, causing hairline cracks in the protective paint, graphics or finish coat. Thus inviting even more moisture into the wood. A wooden sign will require regular maintenance to protect it from further damage by moisture. You will need to have your wood sign repainted or refinished often to keep it looking as new as the day you bought it. Further, most wood that is available today is of poor quality. The wood is cut from "new growth forests" using the heartwood. This wood is not as wide as boards taken from "old growth forests" and need to be laminated (glued) together to make it wide enough for a sign. Hence, "new growth wood" tends to cup, warp, split and rot much more today than when we were able to create signs from "old growth wood".

Why we use solid PVC signboards instead.....

Here at we use a solid core, dense PVC signboard for all of our Carved Signs, Market Street signs and most of our New England Style signs. The PVC "builders-grade" signboard is weather resistant and designed for long term outdoor use. It will not soak up moisture and expand and contract like wood does (like the wooden sign photo below). With built in UV stabilizers, it withstands the elements extremely well. In fact this very same product is now used widely in the construction industry for exterior trim on homes and buildings. If you are going to spend the time and money to get a new sign, don't you want it to last a long time?

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