Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Using Signs to Modify Customer Purchase Habits

Modifying Customary Purchase Habits
One of the primary goals of advertising is to change purchase behaviors. Effective advertising can increase purchases within discrete segments of the market by introducing "intervening opportunities" along customary travel paths. This is especially so in highly discretionary areas, such as quick service foods and economy lodging, yet it holds true, also, for the business with more specialized products or services to offer.
Generally, a business' fixed and variable costs should be covered from a stable consumer pool, with profits coming in from unexpected sources. The right sign often prompts an unplanned stop, or changes the customer's mind once he is on the premises. Changeable copy and temporary window signs are especially effective in encouraging variation from accustomed consumption patterns. Because temporary or variable message signage is relatively inexpensive, the dollars generated by such signage usually represent pure profit.
It is estimated that 35-50 percent of the consumer population today shops outside their local area. Legible, conspicuous on-premise signage will assist in attracting a large percentage of these non-local and newcomer consumers. Further, an effective on-premise sign provides 24-hour exposure of its message to a large pool of potential customers at a fraction of the cost (when depreciated over several years) of other media. The lower the cost to obtain customer memory or top-of-mind awareness, the higher the return on advertising dollars.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Check Out Our Latest National Press Release

Worton, Maryland (PRWEB) April 9, 2009 -- Amid news that more and more churches are seeing a decline in offerings and donations, one company has developed a unique program to help with fund-raising. The program, developed by EZSignsOnline.com, allows religious groups to sell faith-based decals and make enough money to purchase a new church sign from them.